Guest Article – Turkey, Antalya City

Antalya is set on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, also known as the Turkish Riviera. It is Turkey’s biggest international sea resort.   The City offers superb beach resort facilities and long stretches of golden sands, with a fine selection of significant historical sites. The city is loved by many for its palm lined streets, charming marina, delicious restaurants, excellent… Read More »

Gear Review – Apex Bean Bag

From time to time, my friends at Essential Photo Gear send me stuff to evaluate. Two weeks ago they sent me the Apex Bean Bag, a new product designed in large part by Chas Glatzer, master photographer and well-known columnist and photo tour operator. I have made two trips to Africa, once in Tanzania where… Read More »

Guest Article – Driving Canada’s Dempster Highway

The ritual emerges early in the trip: Leap into the truck, slam the doors and spend the next few minutes killing all the mosquitoes which have followed you in. We’re headed up the Dempster Highway, the most northerly highway in Canada and one of only two highways in the western hemisphere that cross the Arctic… Read More »

Guest Article – Adventure in Peru

Each year one of my friends and I set a goal that will cause us to work on our fitness during the year, preparing for the adventure.  In 2007, based on an article we read in the NY Times ( our goal was to hike in the Andes mountains of Peru to a somewhat unknown… Read More »

Cleaning Your Lenses – The Carson System

Doing photography often presents unanticipated events. During a boat trip to Bass Rock, off the coast of Scotland, I found myself photographing Gannets as they plunged into the water during a “chumming.”  This is a process where small pieces of fish are thrown into the water to attract the birds. Hundreds of the birds participate… Read More »

Iceland – Westfjords in August

Finding a location for summer photography presents challenges, often the light is too harsh, sunsets and rises too close together to enable decent sleep and the air lacks the clarity that cold days bring. Plus all that green! In other words while it is great to ditch the thermals it is hard to find inspiration.… Read More »

Aurora Hunting – The Highs and Lows

For a long time it has been one of my ambitions to see the Aurora Borealis (from now on referred to as the aurora), in recent years is has also been an aim to photograph it and to come home with something that I can hang on the wall. In the past twelve months the… Read More »

Gear Review – Acer Aspire One Laptop

Once in a while I run across equipment that offers me more flexibility when traveling. I am always looking for smaller and lighter.  Less weight and less space are important. For a photographer, having a means to view and save digital photographs while in the field is important.  I have used a Vosonic VP8360 unit… Read More »

Benefits of attending Bird of Prey Photography Workshops.

I have recently begun a new venture, offering bird of prey photography workshops in the beautiful Shropshire countryside near my home in the UK. The first one took place in June and was a great success and another follows in August. It was a pleasure combining my teaching experience and photography knowledge to help the… Read More »

Living a Dream

A year ago visiting Iceland was just a dream but here I am 12 months later and I have managed to visit 3 times. The ultimate aim was to see and photograph the aurora, the first trip in April gave me just one brief evening when the northern lights came out to play  but this… Read More »